Prayer missions and prophetic declarations


We believe that whenever God speaks to us, that it should be recorded.  Sometimes this is just for our own personal use, but at other times we are to share what is God is saying to us, to the wider church.  In the last few years, we have shared some of these with people at meetings, through social networks, through our old website and even in books.  We have decided to share the most important ones here, so that they are made accessible freely, so that they may give Glory to God.  We ask that you would not download or print without permission, but please feel free to share the links with your friends or family.
God Bless
Mike & Edith Harper

Towards the end of the year, God invited me out to walk and to listen to Him.  Over the following seven days, God first spoke to me about the coming revival in Ireland and how it would happen.
You can read about this HERE


During the Summer, God spoke to me and totally changed my perspective on worship.  During this time I recorded a prophetic word which was for the whole church of Jesus Christ.  An invitation for the bride, the church to draw near to Jesus.
You can read about this HERE


During November, God spoke to me about the coming days in Ireland, all about the coming harvest and wedding feast and even saw a glimpse of judgment day.
You can read about this HERE

2015-A warning

During August, God spoke to me about the coming end times, all about the coming anti-Christ, the exiles from Babylon and much more.
You can read about this HERE

2016-The Awakening

Over several months, God spoke to me about the awakening and the awakened church and much more, you can’t see the awakening until you see that you have been sleeping.
You can read about this HERE

‘This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining  spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words’ 1 Corinthians 2:13

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