Foreign Missions: helping orphans

We have been actively supporting our forerunner project in Tanzania since 2015. The project started with a green field site donated by local village elders. Aron Mwasile, who grew up locally runs the project. In 2015 work began on developing the orphanage which opened in June 2016. A school building project is still underway – some classrooms were made operational and the school opened in January 2017. There are currently about thirty orphans who live at the orphanage.

It is the long term plan of the project to become self-sufficient, and Aron who is heading up the local project is up to the task – this year they hope to produce their own maize and now that the school is running, it will become a further way to raise local funds for the project. Local people have been very much involved through donations of money, assisting with building and also donations of land. Local contributions in Tanzania accounted for over 30% of the financial donations in 2016.

GOFUNDME: DIG THE WELL Fundraiser 2019 – click on image to see our progress

We are also sending monthly support for the building work to continue and to help support the running costs of the orphanage. We consider ourselves as facilitators for fundraising – we take no wage or percentage and 97% of donations reach directly to Aron & the orphanage. We were honoured to be asked to name the project and we called it ‘Heavenly Hope’.

This project means a lot to us, to see lives of children changed and this year to see those children begin to receive an education too. We thank you for any donation you might be able give. May God bless you for your help. If you would like to be more involved, or perhaps start a project of your own, we would be glad to help or offer advice.

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